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Grown Locally in Seattle, Wa

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The Garden Began…

Following a lifelong passion of paying it forward through design, Shelly has recently switched gears and entered the flower world. For the past 24 years she has been dedicated to growing an Architecture and Interior Design firm with her husband, but with retirement in their future and a strong desire to get out from behind the computer she feverishly began researching everything flowers and what it would take to start the new business. Despite the limited space and challenges of growing in an urban environment such as Seattle, Shelly has tapped into her creative powers to expand her flower beds and seek new growing venues. In return for the sun and dirt her neighbors have offered her, Shelly has designed and beautified their yards confirming her passion. Everyone deserves to have fresh cut flowers to brighten their day. Focusing on “designing beautiful blooms” Shelly believes in beauty and giving. Follow her journey on Instagram to watch her bloom @stocksandstems.

Our Home Garden